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As a boy growing up in Texas about 50 years ago, the only thing I enjoyed more than high school football was fishing, but during the fall Texas high school football became the greater focus.  I still remember the excitement waiting to see the new design for the "fight ribbons" for next friday's game!
Right before entering my first year of high school, my family decided to move to the Rocky Mountains. Although there was great sadness caused by the loss of friends, the chance to spend more time chasing trout took center stage.
What I never dreamed was that high school football just isn't the same outside The State of Texas!  For over 40 years I endured mediocrity, empty stadiums, and fans who rattle keys to attempt to intimidate the opposing team. Right. Whoop and holler, and be pummeled by dirty looks from people who are only at the game to discuss their next social event.  True story.
Can't lie to you...  I had a terrific time chasing those brookies and cutthroat, and hiking in God's Country at 10,000 feet, but I never stopped missing "real" high school football, and the fans that are a part!  Oh man, is it good to be home!
Although the first few months were spent exploring East Texas fishing spots, once the first signs of autumn blew in, my thoughts returned to Texas high school football.  Time to cram for the upcoming season. Luckily I have several family members who have been addicted to Texas high school football for decades, and have been involved as players, coaches, and fans.
In order to take things to the next level of knowledge, I spent weeks on the internet exploring many websites focused on Texas and National high school football.  What I found was that although there are some terrific websites out there, it can be very difficult to find them, and takes an incredible amount of time wading through the good, bad, and ugly to find what you are looking for.
Then the "light went on"...  Wait a minute, why not construct an organized list of all the good websites, and publish it on the web, so that I could easily access the specific details I needed?  Thus, Texas-High-School-Football.com was born.  Next light that flashed reminded me that I probably wasn't the only person who became frustrated trying to find specific info about Texas high school football, so why not make the site public...
So here you go, people...  This site is for all of us to use to quickly access Texas high school football info.  If you know of more great websites that should be included on these pages, please submit them...  the more the merrier! Please visit our submission details blog for specific rules for inclusion.
Texas-High-School-Football dot com will be a never ending process of refining the concept, so please be patient, and don't hesitate to send in your ideas for making this the best  Texas High School Football directory on the planet!
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